Europe Space // Workshop Plastic Free - Artostic Talk with Giovanni Galanello

«Anonima Plastica»  tells the story of anonimous design, in particular an object that does not define any space or time.

Seemingly disconnected from its surrounding, it operates as a Time-space-Machine: it shows how a shared space - be it private or public - can be generated anywhere and anytime through a simple object, that becomes itself a witness to all the design in the world.

Designs are invented, produced, consumed, disposed of and recycled, and again once more reinvented, manipulated, consumed, disposed of and recycled, and again.�This exhibition is based on a research carried out in the Lebanese context by the collective thelovetriangle: sitting on this Time-space-Machine, we witness to the turmoil and transformation the country went through for the past 30 years.

WORKSHOP PLASTIC FREE (ARTIST TALK with Giovanni Galanello about his Photo Project «Anonima Plastica» realized in Lebanon)

Where do objects we use come from? What happens when we do not use them? What will remain of mankind after mankind?

11.05.2019 20:00 Uhr // EUROPE SPACE @Galerie Kernweine
Cottastraße 4-6